Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Swim Lessons, Day 2

Day 2 we had a lot fewer smiles...Reece was a little concerned as I put her swim suit on, but it wasn't until we started towards the car that she threw an absolute FIT! She calmed down a bit once we were in the car, but as soon as she saw Miss Glendy it was all over. We threw her in the pool anyway, and she ended up doing a great job! Conlee was an absolute FISH today! I was so proud of her. She was a little scared at first, but she finished strong. I'm already so impressed with both girls. I know by the end of the week they'll be ready for the swim team! 

She looks so tall and grown up here...can't believe she's almost 3! 
 A little timid...
 Conlee tried to console her
 but she would have NONE of it! 
 Ahhh, happy Tuesday, everyone! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swim Lessons, Day 1!

These cute little water babies were all smiles before day 1 of swim lessons. Fortunately we were still smiling when it was all said and done, although there were a few tears in between! 

Ready to go in our matching, monogrammed bikinis...naturally! 

Reece was up first...
 Not a huge fan, in typical Reece fashion she tried to escape from Miss Glendy and this wretched swimming pool! 
 Completely. Worn. Out. 
 Swimming be damned. I must admit, my favorite part of the day was that Conlee HAD to wear a pony tail! Her 1st! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just because...

A few cute ones from church last Sunday. It's so rare that I get any pics with the girls, I had to post these! 

 Look at all those baby blues!!!
 This ones cracks me up because each person is in various stages of saying "Cheese!!!"

Water Babies In Austin

 We packed up and headed to Austin last weekend for a wedding. Of course Austin is always a great time, but now that the warm weather is upon us, the girls are having a BLAST at Gigi and Paps' house! Gigi not only blew up the pool, bought the girls a super cool new sprinkler toy AND a water table, but she also had the brilliant idea for a picnic on Saturday afternoon so the girls could spend some time in the water fountains over by Town Lake. We had so much fun, and Conlee is still talking about it! A personal highlight for me was date night with Brent, O'Kelley & Paul and Courtney & Mark. It's always such a treat to see our favorite friends! 

 Give Conlee a soccer ball, and she is one happy camper! 
 Miss Priss wasn't as interested in the fountains as she was just strutting her stuff, her sippy cup in hand... 

 She's got a big pouty face for such a little girl! 

 Date Night! 

Passionate About Popsicles!

It's getting H.O.T around here! Our girls took a vote and the #1 way to cool down at our house is with a good old popsicle! By the looks on the faces below, these Push Ups are definitely a fan favorite! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

He Is RISEN! Easter 2012

Easter was so special this year! We got to spend a wonderful weekend with the Hodges and Hebert families, and we loved every minute of it. The pictures below are of the girls having a BLAST at the Easter egg hunt at Jodi and John's house. They were so sweet to include us and make our girls feel so special! Jodi went all out with Easter baskets for all the cousins and two separate Easter egg hunts for the little kids and the bigger kids. Conlee definitely got the hang of the hunt this year, and Reece pretty much has a good time wherever she goes!