Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conlee's Nursery

Some of you have asked to see pictures of Conlee's nursery. I guess most of Conlee's early visitors remember her in the "nook" when we had our entire house packed up! We have since unpacked, and she has her very own is much better this way for Conlee and us! It's still a small space, but we think it's super cute!

Yes, there is a TV in her room...I know that is pitiful, but it's purely because we have NO space and too many tvs! Doesn't every family have 3 tvs for every 900 square feet?!

The alphabet cross-stitch above the changing table was cross-stitched by my mom when she was pregnant with me. Conlee loves to look up at it while we are changing her. We sing our ABC's a lot around here! 
The cross-stitch beside the bookshelf was also cross-stitched by my mom, but this one is a birth announcement specifically for Conlee! 

Bye, Bye, Browns....

Today is such a SAD day! Our favorite friends, the Browns, are moving to Orange County...boooooo!!!!! We had a farewell dinner on Tuesday night, and I just can't tell you how sad we are to see them go. Melissa joined my bible study right around the time we found out we were pregnant. She, Ali and I went through our pregnancies together and really became such great friends! Their precious daughter, Anniston, was born exactly one week after Conlee, and roughly 3 weeks before Mia. Fortunately, the OC is only about an hour away....we will definitely be traveling for play dates with this crew! We'll miss y'all!!!!!! 

Melissa and Annie...our honorary Texans! :)

Mia at the farewell dinner...

Can you tell how broken up Conlee is over the whole thing? 

I had to put a pic of my table on mother-in-law, Ellie, gave me all these great and creative ideas...I mean, candles in the pumpkins?! How cute is that?! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 Years Later...

A lot can happen in 2 years! 2 years ago this morning, I was waking up for the first time as Mrs. Brent Hodges....such a great day!!! Brent and I had a fun night last night celebrating our 2nd anniversary. Ali babysat Conlee, and we were able to get away for dinner AND a movie. What a night!

That was then....

This is now...
2 years ago, I didn't even know what Rice Cereal was! Now it's a morning staple around the Hodges house!

Brent brought me these beautiful flowers last night...what a great guy! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nanny!!!

Happy Birthday, Nanny! We love you!!!!

Baptism Weekend!

We had the biggest weekend at the Hodges' house! Conlee and Mia were baptized on Sunday, and all 6 of Conlee's grandparents made the trip out to San Diego. I had to break the weekend up into 3 posts because I have so many surprise there! Anyway, thank you to all the grandparents for traveling out to see us, and for all the sweet, thoughtful and sentimental gifts you brought for our sweet baby girl. We love you! 

Conlee was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention...and flashbulbs! She's used to the camera, but this weekend was a bit ridiculous!
with Nanny & Pops at George's for dinner

Granddad and Ei at George's

Gigi & Daddy

She's grabbing at everything these days...if it's within reach, it's fair game for her little hands!

Cheering on the Longhorns with Ei during the TX / OU game...the Longhorns won, naturally!

Mia came to visit during the game on Saturday. Both the girls looked super cute in their Longhorn gear!

Gigi & Paps

she's loving the nakedness!!!

Nanny & Pops giving a rousing rendition of The Three Little Pigs

Dinner on Saturday night at Piatti...

Conlee & Mia's Baptism

Here are some pictures from the actual baptism. I can't believe that Ali and I were able to have our girls baptized together! We are so fortunate to have the happiest, healthiest and cutest little girls. God is so good!

Conlee was able to wear my Christening gown. My Nanny gave my cousin and me matching gowns from one of her trips to Sweden. I think it's still so beautiful! 

Abby sent Conlee and Mia matching panties with pink crosses on them. Everyone in the pews at church was gasping when they saw these 2 cute little bottoms!

Conlee being baptized...

now it's Mia's turn!

With our pastor, Paul. He did pre-marital counseling for us 2 years ago...he also did pre-marital counseling for and married Ali & Matt!