Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Baskin Robbins Kind Of Day

Today I took Conlee to her 1 year check up at the doctor's office. It started off well, but went downhill fast! First for her stats...she's turning into quite a tall, skinny little thing! She weighs 21 lbs, 11 oz (60th %) and is 32 inches tall (99.5%). I thought she would at least weigh 25 lbs...she feels like she's getting heavier by the minute, but maybe that's because I just keep getting more and more pregnant!

In addition to her 3 scheduled vaccination shots (BOO!), Conlee had to have blood drawn to test her lead levels and also make sure she's getting enough iron. The dr. sent us next door to the lab where the ladies seemed super nice and good with kids. They were NOT! The first lady attempted to draw the blood from her arm as she shrieked and cried in my arms. It was so traumatic, and I could hardly stand to watch them dig around for her vein. I calmly told the woman to withdraw her needle, that she was not capable of taking blood from a child and to stop immediately. The lady who had been holding Conlee down was so apologetic and promised she would get it out of the other arm. Of course as soon as she tried to get the blood from the other arm, it became PAINFULLY obvious that she was incapable as well. This time, I not so calmly demanded that she withdraw her needle. Once it was out, I proceeded with what could be described as a verbal assault on these women. I don't know why I'm continually surprised by incompetence...really, hardly anyone can do their job well these days...but do NOT mess with my child!

So, all that to say, it was definitely a Baskin Robbins day! Growing up, my mom would take me to Baskin Robbins if I didn't cry when I got my shots or bloodwork. I decided, since I'm the mom and I can, that we would change that rule. Today, you got Baskin Robbins if you DID cry, which meant Conlee and I both were in for a treat! Overall, I was way more traumatized by our day than Conlee...she brightened up as soon as we got in the car, but I'm still getting teary thinking about it! Needless to say, Brent will be taking Conlee to get her bloodwork done somewhere else next week!

Conlee with her bandaged arm, waiting for her ice cream!

In honor of Nanny's arrival in San Diego today, we ordered her favorite...chocolate chip!

All's well with the world, now!

Uh oh...someone's sad the ice cream is gone!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Picnic at the Cove

Since Conlee's birthday party is not until next weekend, we decided to have a little mini-celebration at the Cove this afternoon. Matt, Ali & Mia joined us for a picnic, and we had the best time. It was a beautiful day, despite the hurricane force winds! The girls loved playing together outside, and as you'll see below, Conlee LOVED her birthday cupcake! Today was a good practice run before she gets her own cake next weekend...I'll definitely be stripping off her clothes before she digs into her dessert. I'm not sure the bib and dress will ever be the same. But, she had a blast and that's what's important! Thanks, Murphys, for celebrating with us! Happy Birthday, Conlee!!!

Aunt Ali brought the bubble's always the hit of the party!

Conlee LOVES her Aunt Ali. She cried the other day at the park when I tried to separate them so I could hold her...thanks a lot, sweet daughter 0f mine!

She's such a big girl...I can hardly stand it!

Conlee loves her daddy. She wants to be anywhere he's so sweet!

One of her favorite, two, three, WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Our little birthday princess...the year has flown by!

Um, do you think she liked the cupcake?!

Cupcake bandit on the took more than a few wet wipes to clean this girl up!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Conlee!!!

Happy Birthday, Conlee!!! We absolutely cannot believe it's been a year since you came into our lives. It has definitely been the best year ever, and we love you more than we ever thought possible! You bring so much joy to us every day, and today was no exception. We had the best time celebrating you. From the moment we woke you up with our off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday", I think you knew it was your day. You were eating up the attention all day long...I'm pretty sure you're well aware that the camera loves you! SO DO WE!!!

Waking up the birthday girl!

Conlee's birthday breakfast with her birthday balloons from Gigi & Paps!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Year Ago Today...

...we checked into the hospital to have Conlee! I remember texting Brent from the dr's office and telling him, "we're having a baby today!". His reply was...and I quote: "Holy Shit! What do I do?!?" Probably not exactly blog appropriate language, but it is what he said! I went and picked him up from his office, and we headed to Scripps...18 hours and 2 FAILED epidurals later (not that I'm still bitter), Conlee was here!

Fast-forward to today...Conlee is a walking, not quite talking, little wonder girl. She just took the LAST bottle of her life and went to bed like a little dream. Sweet Conlee we love you so much, and we can't wait to celebrate your 1st year! Tomorrow we'll celebrate with cupcakes and a picnic at the cove. Later this week all our family arrives, and we'll have a birthday party. Birthdays are week-long celebrations around here, so stay tuned for many birthday blog posts to come!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Conlee's best buddy, Charlie Adams, had his 1st birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was a pool party, and we had a ball! Amy went all out, and the party was so fun. As you'll see from the pictures below, Conlee thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes!

The birthday boy with his proud parents!

Charlie enjoying his birthday cupcakes

Well, would you even believe that Mia & Conlee showed up at the party in the exact same bathing suit...and unless these girls know how to use our cell phones, they didn't even plan it! They sure were cute though...I seriously cannot take enough pictures of these two precious girls!

The Wilkinsons: Christine, Tyler, Charlie & Jack...such a cute family!

Oh my, someone found the cupcakes! Conlee literally reached down and took the entire cupcake off my plate...

She was NOT interested in sharing it either...Brent only managed to steal a quick bite when she wasn't looking.

But soon it was right back in her mouth, where it belonged!

You can't see from the pictures, but Aunt Ali was cracking Conlee up. She almost forgot the serious cupcake-eating business at hand...almost!

Chocolate is SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

Happy Birthday, EI!

Happy Birthday, EI! We know that EI's birthday was technically yesterday, but we had to wait until today so BOTH of her GRANDDAUGHTERS could wish her a happy birthday! That's right...we're having another girl! Woooo Hoooo! So, happy birthday from both the Hodges' girls! We love you, EI!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Emma Marie

Just a quick note to remember my 1st baby girl, sweet Emma Marie. I fell in love with Emma the second I saw her, and a silly "No Dogs Allowed" clause in my lease wasn't about to stop me from rescuing her. She came to live with Ali, Abby & me on Caminito del Cid in December 2003. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the HOA to realize we were breaking the rules and had a pet...I was devastated at the thought of giving her away. But, I remember talking to my mom on the phone and she said, "you're not giving that baby away to strangers! send her to me!" So, that's how Emma came to reside in Little Rock. For the last 7 years she was a loving and wonderful baby girl dog. Yesterday she went to doggy heaven. I love you, Emma. You were my first baby girl, and I'll miss you!

Camp Nanny & Pops Comes To California!

What's better than going away to camp? Having camp come to you, of course! Camp Nanny & Pops is legendary in the Eoff & Hodges' households...a magical place, that until a few weeks ago, Conlee had only heard her cousins brag about having attended. Sure, she'd listened to the stories of unlimited Chick-fil-a, trips to the zoo, The Discovery Place, The Wiggly Place, shopping, dessert BEFORE dinner, staying up past your bedtime and Hershey Kisses for breakfast...but she herself was too young, really, to ever have gone to camp...see, it doesn't count if your parents go with you. You only really go to 'camp' when you get good quality one - on - one time with only Nanny & Pops. Siblings and cousins are optional! So, imagine Conlee's TOTAL excitement when Nanny & Pops brought their camp to California!

And, imagine mommy & daddy's TOTAL appreciation when Nanny & Pops came all the way to California to keep sweet Conlee so we could get away for the weekend to Sonoma (see next post!). We really are SO incredibly grateful to my parents. It makes the vacation that much better when you know your daughter is totally taken care of, safe and most importantly, happy. And HAPPY was this girl's middle name!

A little trip down to the beach to get camp started off right!

Oh my goodnes...Nanny's whipped cream is the BEST! None of that fake Cool Whip stuff, this is the real deal, and Conlee ATE IT UP!

What's that? Did Conlee go on her 1st trip to Baskin Robbins? Nanny's starting her early, and there's no shame in that! I got a phone call in Sonoma after their ice cream stop, and my mom said that after every bite, Conlee screamed out loud in delight. She's definitely my daughter!

No trip to camp would be complete without a few new outfits. Looks like Nanny hit up her favorite store, Spoiled Rotten. What a perfect name! I'm pretty sure Conlee knows how cute she is!

Conlee, why the big smile? Could it be because now that you're walking, Nanny & Pops are going to take you to one of the BEST PLACES EVER?!?!?!

The shoe department at Nordstrom, naturally!

Conlee loves her new kicks!

Now that she's officially toddling along, it's time for the petting zoo!

What a wonderful weekend! Thank you SO MUCH, Nanny & Pops for bringing your fun camp to California. We all appreciate you!