Friday, February 18, 2011

Mia + Elmo = BEST DAY EVER!

Oh. My. Goodness! Obviously I'm biased, but I really think that Conlee and Mia are the cutest ever! These girls had the best time today playing together at Seaworld. Ali had a holiday from school, so we were able to take all three girls for the morning. It was great!

A HUGE highlight was meeting Elmo and Cookie Monster. Ali and I both thought the girls would freak out and be totally uncooperative, but they surprised us! They loved meeting their favorite Sesame Street friends, and we loved capturing it in just a 'few' pictures!

We love, love, love Ali and Mia. I got teary today just watching the girls play together because they love each other so much. Conlee would just chase Mia around this bouncy house screaming her name. They really are too cute!

We took turns on the rides with them, and they loved each one!

Sweet Sisters...

The other morning I put Reece on her play mat and left the room. All of a sudden I heard her crying, followed by an, "Uh oh...oh no, Reece!" from Conlee! When I got back in to the living room, I had to frantically search for my camera before the girls saw me and moved. Apparently when Conlee heard Reece crying, she got down on the floor to play with her and comfort her...too sweet for words, and it definitely did the trick! Love, love, love these precious girls!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Reece and Conlee!!! We hope you are all enjoying a wonderfully romantic and happy day with your loved ones. A special thanks to Gigi and Paps for the girls' cute new Valentine's Day outfits! Sorry for all the pictures...I just couldn't narrow it down!

Lazy Sunday Night

Here are a few pics of the girls just hanging out last night. Reece is getting so big, and she sure is cute in her new outfit from Gigi & Paps!

Mia's 2nd Annual Valentine's Party

Mia and Ali hosted their 2nd annual Valentine - making party yesterday. We had so much fun playing with all our friends and making a special Valentine for Daddy. Ali even had a photo station set up where you could dress up your girls like little angels and cupids...of course my girls didn't cooperate, but we did the best we could! Such a fun party...definitely one of our annual favorites!

Mia and Conlee had a big time covering Reece in stickers. Reece was such a trooper!

A certain little girl is a BIG cupcake fan!

My little angel!

Conlee playing a not-so-friendly cupid...

Ali took about 20 pictures, and not one of them had all three of us looking at the camera. This is the best we can get these days!

Conlee with two of her favorite people ever!