Monday, June 27, 2011

Granddad's 84th Birthday!

My granddad turned 84 today, and the girls and I, along with my parents, went over to have a yummy birthday dinner with he and Kay tonight. So fun! The girls LOVE Great Granddad and Miss Kay...Conlee has been talking about going over there all day today, and in the car on the way over she kept telling me that, 'granddad will be sad if I don't come!' It was really funny...and of course true, too!

Reece with the Birthday Boy!

Conlee's turn, but of course she won't look at the camera and smile...
Conlee helping G'G'dad tear open his present. She was a natural at the gift opening.

Nanny and Reece with G'dad and his new birthday hat. It's a special SPF 50 hat that holds water to keep him cool on the farm. He loved it!

Reece exhibiting her new standing skills...she'll be walking soon! I swear, once they start sitting up it's like the baby stage is almost over.

The girls with me!

We got a bit of a late start at dinner. Conlee kept telling me she was ready to go home and go to sleep in her big bed. That is until Miss Kay brought out the cake! The girl perked right up and asked G'dad if she could help him blow out the candles...

Of course someone should really talk to this girl and define 'blowing out the candles'. She seemed to think it meant grabbing handfuls of cake and taking bites out of the top. Nanny stepped in at just the right moment before her hair went up in flames...aye!

New Pool Bags!

Imagine our excitement today when the mailman came with a big package for Conlee and Reece! Granddad and EI sent the girls these adorable, matching, monogrammed pool bags! Of course it just so happened that Conlee and I were on our way out the door to go to the pool. I had to snap a quick picture of our new matches the girls' bathing suits perfectly! Thank you Granddad and EI! We LOVE it!

Miss Independent!

Someone has started dressing herself now, and although I love her dearly, I must be's not always a pretty sight! Probably because the only clothes she has to choose from are usually the pajamas in the clothes hamper that have yet to be folded and put back into her room. It's always hilarious when she rounds the corner, because I never know what she'll have on. The upside is it's an indoor activity, so she manages to entertain herself without any of us having to die of a heatstroke!

Another HOT Day at the Park

We tried to venture out to the park yesterday, but it's just so freaking hot! If there's anything that makes me miss San Diego, it's the summer weather we have here. You really can hardly go outside! We managed to stay for a little bit, but after about 30 minutes even the dog ran and jumped in the creek. It was clearly time to go home!

Reece is pulling up on everything now...this was a good reminder to always strap her into the stroller!

The swings were too hot to get into, but Conlee's leggings were long enough for her to not get burned on the sad is that?!!?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Marshall Turns 4!

We loaded up the girls for their first road trip last weekend and headed to Dallas. The lousy road trip was a small price to pay for some serious good time with our cousins! Conlee LOVES Olivia, Marshall and Bauer, and getting to see more of their sweet faces makes our move back from California worthwhile!

We headed to dinner at Aboca's when we got to Dallas. Marshall got to pick the place since he was, afterall, the birthday boy! I know it's horrible that Conlee is picking her nose in this picture, but at least she's smiling...

Which is better than the alternative...this is her lovely 'Say Cheese!' face...what to do? what to do?!

Who knows what got them so tickled, but they were having a ball!

Stephen & Bauer with Reece & me

Pops with the birthday boy

Nanny and the birthday boy

Whit & Livi

A little afternoon swim at the hotel was HOT!

The whole crew at lunch

Whit, Livi and Nanny

Stephen & Bauer

Livi helping me feed Reece

Marshall had a Toy Story Water Party. The kids had a great time with a slip-n-slide, pool, bounce house, and lots of yummy cupcakes and treats made by Whitney. So fun!

Reece and I stayed inside where it was dry...and cool!

The natives were beginning to get restless...

Yep, about time to go

We'll miss our sweet cousins! But we'll see you again in July for Olivia's 6th birthday...such a big girl!

Father's Day Dinner

We invited Great Granddad to an early Father's Day dinner since we were going to be in Dallas on Father's Day for Marshall's birthday party. The girls love Great Granddad and Kay, we had a great dinner honoring three great dads!

The Big Pink Duck Returns

The big, pink duck is back and Reece is a big fan! Conlee is also loving bath time with a buddy. It really gives her game of 'waterfall' a whole new meaning when she dumps the water on someone else's head! Good thing Reece is such a good sport!

Bye-Bye Baby Food!

Oh, HAPPY DAY! We are finished with the baby food! I have been waiting and longing for this day since before Reece was even born...I hate the baby food stage! I even asked my pediatrician if we could skip the baby food and stay on formula until it was time to go straight to 'real people food', as I call it. But, turns out he said no...something about nutritional value and learning to eat....anyway, it doesn't matter because we are FINISHED! And, by the looks of this super cute little lady, I'm not the only one who's happy about it! Hello mac and cheese, avocado, cinnamon toast, sweet potatoes, pancakes, bananas, grapes and blueberries...the possibilities are endless!