Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011


We had the best time trick-or-treating with Nanny & Pops, Gigi & Paps and the Parishes! Of course the girls were precious little bumble bees, Rowyn was a beautiful princess and Thatcher was the cutest little monster I've ever seen!

Rowyn was a pro! She showed Conlee exactly how to get the good candy!

For a little girl who can't quite walk on her own, this little birthday bee managed to have a full
mouth of candy most of the night!

After the first house, Conlee got the hang of it and was not wasting any time. Before the people could answer the door, she was ready to be on to the next house!

I love this picture! Look at her little bottom in those tights and that tutu! It makes me excited for the dance recitals to come!

Saving the best for last, Pops was definitely not stingy with the candy for these kids!

At the end of the night we had one sleepy little birthday bee!

Reece's 1st Birthday


Reecie is ONE!!!

I LOVE a holiday birthday! First Birthmas and now doesn't get any better! While any day is a great day for a birthday, there's just something great about two holidays in one!

I had so much fun making the treats for this party. The spider cupcakes turned out so cute!

My little witch hats were a hit with Conlee

The adult party favors were framed pictures of Reece. Iused them to decorate my table until after the party.

For the kids we had these cute little Halloween pails with bat ears, spider rings and dracula teeth

Somebody lost her 'BOO' headband!

Riding her pig from Gigi and Paps!

Reece loves her soft and fluffy bumble bee pillow!

Somebody's getting sleepy!

We love our new slide!

Gigi & Paps gave Conlee a magnifying glass.

She's obsessed!

The night before the party, Conlee decorated Reece's cake. She is such a good helper!

The cake couldn't have turned out any cuter!

Reece was a little unsure at first, but she quickly became a BIG fan!

What mess?!?

Nothing like a pajama -clad dracula eating witch hats right before bed! A good party, indeed!

Birthday Weekend Celebration!

Ok, here I go again with the flashbacks, but I had to start with a picture of Conlee at 1 year old in her birthday dress. Hard to believe I was almost 4 months pregnant with Reece in this picture, and now she's already 1! Time really flies!

Here's Reece at lunch with Gigi & Paps and Granddad & EI after they'd just arrived in Little Rock for her birthday celebration. She's wearing the same dress Conlee had on in the picture's equally adorable on this birthday girl!

Conlee and Gigi

Conlee giving Granddad a big hug hello!

She was making the rounds as the 'tickle monster'

Such a big girl with her iced tea!

The birthday girl with her grilled cheese!