Saturday, October 15, 2011

There's a BUZZZZZZZ in the air!

I feel like I'm starting a lot of posts with "flashback" pictures lately, but I can't help it! It's these early years when all the drastic change happens so quickly. It's hard to believe! It's so crazy to look back and see how much Conlee and Reece have grown and changed. Just when we think we couldn't love them any more...
I had to start with this picture taken last October 31. Reece was a few hours old, and Conlee was very unhappy to have a new baby in my arms. But wasn't she precious in her little dress?!

Speaking of a precious dress...look who's rocking it this year!!!
I can't believe she's almost ONE!!!

Ok, this flashback takes us back to Halloween 2009! We went to our very first pumpkin patch with (from L-R) Audrey Frazier (10 mos), Mia Murphy (4 mos), Conlee (5 mos), and Piper Clark (11 mos).
Look at Conlee and Audrey now! Conlee is almost 2.5 and Audrey is almost 3!!! If only we had Mia and Piper here for our Pumpkin Patch outing. We miss them so much!

We do have two new little pumpkins with us this year! Reece (11.5 mos) and Charlotte (10 mos). Charlotte is of course wearing Audrey's adorable dress from the picture above. Just one of the many reasons we LOVE little girls...can't get enough of a good smocked dress!!!

It's no small feat to get four little girls looking at you and smiling all at the same time...not sure we ever quite got it!
Love these two!

Nothing like a good choke-hold between sisters!

We love being in Austin with Gigi & Paps!!!

Ok, we're finally to that BUZZZZZZing I alluded to in the title...I mean, could you just die?! These girls are SOOOOOO cute!

oh, i could EAT. HER. UP!

Conlee was less than thrilled with our wardrobe change. And if there's one thing I learned from this photo shoot, it's that we've got to get some better bee antennas!

Conlee cracks me up with her hair...

Such a sweet little bee!
I mean, our antenna need serious help...

Another fun day with the Fraziers! We sure hope we get to move to Austin and play more often!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinner with the Fraziers & McIntyres and ROUND 2 of the MOST dramatic rose ceremony ever...

Courtney & Mark had us over for dinner the other night with the McIntyres. As usual, it was so much fun and makes me really, really, really want to move to Austin!

You're probably wondering why these two girls are so happy...

Let's just say our buddy Tommy learned from the last rose ceremony debacle and brought both girls a flower this time! Good job, Tommy! (and Sarah!)

Courtney had tons of fun cookie decorating supplies

And Reece was obsessed with her Halloween cupcake!

Sweet Charlotte getting in on the sugar action!

Reece thought she'd found the perfect seat outside on Charlotte's lap...

But Charlotte was not a fan!

Conlee, Tommy & Audrey played outside with all the fun toys

while the mommys enjoyed our wine on the blanket!

Here's Brent practicing T-ball with Conlee. This is the perfect example of why I need to live by Courtney. It never entered my mind to get her a t-ball set, and she was entirely too timid when hitting the ball. She needs to whack it...unless she has some hidden aspirations to be a professional bunter! I will be buying one of these sets as soon as we get home, and we will be practicing putting some power behind our swing! Thanks, Courtney, for keeping me clued in!

Lukarita October?!

Lukarita is typically held in August every year, but with our current living situation being what it is, we weren't in Austin this August. Of course we could never cancel a Lukarita (we think this was the 21st annual), so we just had to push it back a bit. I personally enjoy the Octoberfest version of Lukarita...a little football, a good meal, a fun party and much cooler weather! I'm going to push to make this move permanent!

Of course Austin hasn't seen rain in months (maybe a year?) and it chooses to POUR down rain on Lukarita! Poor Luke...he was a trooper though, and the food was still delish!

A few of the Lukarita staples. Curtis was even in town from Moscow, and that was such a treat!

Right after we'd made our toast with the first batch of 2011 Lukaritas...yummy!

Carrie with Reece. Her two sweet neices just moved to Florida, so she got some good quality time in with the girls!

Tommy & Conlee were thoroughly entertained for a LONG time by tickling Reece's toes. Hey, whatever works!

Ok, I had to post this pic...This is Conlee and Tommy McIntyre at their very 1st Lukarita. They were 3 and 2 months old, respectively. Love that Conlee is passed out cold on his shoulder...a preview of what's to come, perhaps?!

Now look at how they've grown!

Love them!!!

TX v OU...ugh!

We all knew we probably weren't going to win the big game this year...but I definitely wasn't prepared for how horrible the Horns looked! Luckily for UT, this little Longhorn was lookin' good!

By halftime Conlee had stripped out of her cheerleader outfit and was much more interested in Halloween goodies from Gigi & Paps...and who could blame her?!

The girls loved their Halloween treats! Thank you, Gigi & Paps!