Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have a DATE!

Barring any unexpected water breakage, we will welcome Reece Tyler Hodges into the world on

NOVEMBER 1, 2010!!!

I was SO incredibly excited to go to the dr. today and actually set a date! If you know me at all, which you obviously do if you're reading this blog...then you know I'm a planner. The idea of just 'going into labor' makes me want to come completely unglued! I need to know the date, the time, the place, etc., and now I do! 31 days and counting until our threesome becomes a foursome...we can't wait!!!

Here she is at 35 weeks. This pregnancy has been so different than the last since I haven't been having ultrasounds twice a week. I haven't seen this sweet baby girl in 15 weeks, and I'm missing her! Dr. Greenberg hasn't been able to tell her position, so we do get to have another ultrasound in two weeks at our next visit. I can't wait to see her sweet face!

Ummm...what online shopping problem?!? So I'm completely obsessed with buying things for the baby. Is that so bad?! I'm convinced Brent's last business trip, where he just HAD to borrow my laptop, was all a big scam to leave me computer-less and try to save us some money! But I can't help it...I just love, love, love her name, and you know I love my monogramming!

And, in an effort to make sure Conlee doesn't feel left out (and to keep things even), I may have ordered a few matching outfits for the girls. Little girls' clothes are just so dang cute. I would be a bad mommy if I didn't buy them!!!

It's HOT, and we need a pool!

Fortunately for us, Aunt Ali and Mia have one...and they invited us over! It has been SO hot lately! I know us Californians can't really complain since we usually have such great weather. But, when you have no air conditioning and it's 100 degrees outside, it gets really hot in the house. So, what better way to cool off than by taking a dip in the pool...and I'm pretty sure I've never seen two cuter 'swimmers'!

Aunt Ali even has bubbles at her pool!

Mia is super smart and has obviously done this before. She knew exactly how to blow to make the bubbles come out. Conlee...not so much!

It's amazing how entertaining something as simple as a water hose can be! These girls were in heaven!

I can't get enough of this sweet face!

Love, love, love our sweet baby girl!!!

Lunch Date

Today Conlee and I met up with Brent and Carl, Amy & Charlie Adams for a lunch date. Brent and Carl work near each other, and Amy and I have been trying to set up this lunch date forever. I didn't get too many pictures of Conlee and Charlie because they were sitting at opposite ends of the table in hopes they might actually eat and not just play with each other. Conlee loves Charlie, and they are so cute together!!! And, Amy is due with a little girl in February, so we're about to have a whole new set of kiddos who will be fast friends!

Of course, there's only room for one man in Conlee's heart, and that's her DADDY!!! Nothing and no one can get a smile this big out of her except for Brent!

But, as far as little boys go...Charlie's a catch! He doesn't seem to know what to think about Conlee here, and clearly he doesn't share her sense of humor, but that's ok! We definitely had a fun lunch date!

Just Because She's Cute...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

16 Months Old and 34 Weeks Pregnant!

Conlee is 16 months old today! I cannot believe how fast the time is flying. 16 months doesn't seem like that long, and yet it's almost impossible to remember life before we had her. She is growing so fast and getting smarter and sweeter every day! Here are some facts about our baby girl at 16 months:
  • She is all over the place! She walks, runs, dances, climbs...nothing is too scary or off limits. I have a hundred heart attacks a day watching her scale various pieces of furniture, play ground equipment, etc. She is fearless!
  • She says 'Mama' (usually accompanied by tears and drama), 'Daddy' (always accompanied by squeals of delight!), 'Ali' & 'Mia' (always with a huge smile on her face), 'Nanny', 'Elmo', 'up' and a few other babbles that only Brent and I understand.
  • She understands everything we say. It's amazing! We can ask her to dance and she'll start dancing, go get her milk and she'll return with a sippy cup, ask her for a particular toy and she'll find it, ask her where her baby sister is and she runs to point at my belly...I am just waiting for the sentences to start flowing out of her mouth.
  • She's a pretty good eater and she'll try anything once. She signs 'more' and 'all finished' so it's easy to know what she wants. In hindsight, I should have taught her 'please' and 'thank you', but I didn't really believe she would ever understand sign language. I'll do better with Reece! She especially loves to eat whatever we're eating, even if she's already had a huge meal.
  • She's SO sensitive! (She must take after her daddy!) I think she has a strong feeling for right and wrong, and when we tell her 'no' it breaks her little she's truly sad to have disappointed us. I've learned that she doesn't respond well to harsh tones, but if you look at her and say, "Conlee, nooooooooo" in a quiet, sincere tone, she falls to the ground and buries her head. It's funny and sad all at the same time!
  • She loves her wagon, cozy coupe car, the park (mainly to climb on the picnic tables!), her popcorn popper push toy, blocks, anything musical, anything Elmo and puzzles. The girl is obsessed with puzzles!
My personal favorite thing about this age is watching her run to Brent. Brent tries to come home for lunch as often as he can...especially now that our new house is so close to his office. Conlee hears his car in the driveway, runs over to the window, sees him and starts shouting, "Daddy! Daddy!". Then she runs to the front door and jumps in his arms. It really is so priceless...then she always looks back at me with a look that says, "Do you see how my daddy is playing with me?!" They truly delight in each other, and it melts my heart every time I see them together! Here's a little video of Brent and Conlee when he came home for lunch today. They are so cute!

Now for the 34 weeks pregnant part. I cannot believe we are so close to meeting Reece! She moves all the time like a maniac. She's much more active than Conlee was, and I love feeling her move. I will be induced at 39 weeks, and that means only 5 more weeks to go! It's hard to believe that there will be a 4th member of our family in just over a month!

Dancing Queen

Conlee absolutely LOVES to dance! Here's a little clip of her showing off her moves the other night over at Matt & Ali's house. Mia is quite the dancer too, but her Elmo video was apparently more interesting this time. She does get some good chair dancing moves in, though!

Girls At The Park

Two weeks ago we had such a treat when Courtney & Audrey Frazier came back to town for a visit. We all met up at the rec center, and it was like Audrey had never left! The girls had a great time playing, and if I do say so, they were the cutest girls on the playground for sure! Here are a few pics of the girls in the little fire engine. We asked them to raise their hands if they were cute, and naturally all arms went up!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We're Back!

I was going to say that I'm the worst blogger ever, but my cousin hasn't updated her blog since I'll give her that title instead! We are still alive and kicking over here, just moving a little slower these days. We got all moved into our new house, and we are loving it. We're soaking up the last month of having only ONE child. I can't believe Reece will be here in a little over 5 weeks!!! We're so ready to meet our sweet new baby girl, and I am so ready to NOT be pregnant!

Here are a few pictures of Conlee loving her new backyard. She's so happy playing at her water table, helping her daddy water the lawn, running in the sprinklers and even sweeping the porch!