Sunday, March 21, 2010

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Today Matt, Ali, Brent and I took the girls to the flower fields to take some Easter pictures. It was our first visit to the flower fields, and they are absolutely beautiful...50+ acres of Tecolote Ranunculus in every color imaginable. The perfect backdrop for our precious girls! 

Conlee was not a fan at first, and Mia did not understand why! She's looking at her like, "not cool, Conlee...know your role and start smiling!"

But then she perked up!

It wouldn't be a photo shoot without with a wardrobe change!

Um, do you think she's a daddy's girl???

Saturday with Daddy!

This weekend Aunt Coco came in town to visit. I spent Saturday with her, and Conlee got to spend Saturday with her daddy. He's quite the photographer, and Conlee is most definitely his favorite subject to shoot! 

Look at those beautiful baby blues!

Birch Aquarium

On Friday Conlee and I spent the afternoon at Birch Aquarium with our best buddies Amy & Charlie Adams. Conlee and Charlie loved seeing all the pretty fishies!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Well Babe, You Know I Love You..."

Three years ago today, Brent chose the words above to so eloquently begin his proposal! (I can already hear him getting mad at me for sharing that!) Of course I said yes, and we immediately began one green beer & champagne - fueled engagement celebration! I had the best time this morning looking through old photos of this day, trying to find a few that were taken before we had all been over-served. I didn't have much luck, but in remembrance of that wonderful day, here are a few!

Matt & Ali came and met us at Roppongi for a happy hour celebration. Not sure why I'm wearing blue on this green holiday...I do remember consuming a bottle of champagne before we left the house though...could it have impaired my color-vision?!

Oh, I was so happy! I remember the best part of that day was that I could finally legitimately pull all my wedding magazines out from under my bed and share our wedding plans with Brent! Anyone who knows me, knows the planning had begun long before the boy officially popped the question! Oh, and somewhere along the way I found a green ribbon for my hair!

All three of us engaged at the same time...Courtney, Ali & me.
2007 was the year of the wedding....

Fast forward to 2010...we returned to Roppongi, but this time Conlee joined us for happy hour!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paps!

Oh, it's a little crooked....

Looking better....

That's perfect! Happy Birthday, Paps! Hope you had a great day...we miss you!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Conlee goes to Houston!

After our trip to Dallas, we hopped on over to Houston to visit Granddad, EI and Conlee's Great Granddad and Great Nanny. Kevin, Joan and Russell were also able to join us for dinner, and it was so great to see all our family! Conlee definitely was not wanting for attention this trip...and she ate up every minute of being the center of attention! 

Granddad, Brent, Conlee, Great Granddad and Uncle Kevin

Russell, Conlee, Uncle Kevin & Aunt Joan

These pictures are so priceless! Conlee is so lucky to be so loved by so many!

Uncle Russell is so funny!

Conlee goes to Dallas!

We had the great pleasure of going to Dallas last weekend to meet our newest nephew, Bauer Eoff. He was absolutely precious (big surprise there!) and we had the best time seeing the rest of our fun family! As usual, it was non-stop action with Nanny & Pops and The Dynamic Duo (Marshall & Olivia). Conlee sure loved being with all her cousins...we wish we all lived closer!

Pops with Conlee & Bauer


As usual, Conlee only lasts so long during these photo shoots...she has no trouble letting us know when she's over it!

Olivia trying to challenge Uncle Brent...I mean, the Tickle Monster!

Nanny & Pops in heaven with all their grand babies! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!!

We started our new music class yesterday, and Conlee was in heaven! She is such a little ham...I love it. I'm going to have to get some video of her next time because her favorite thing to do is crawl to the middle of the circle and just rock out while Miss Beth sings the songs. She just gets this huge smile on her face, starts clapping her hands and dancing all around. I thought she was ADORABLE! 

Please notice her new smile...she pulls her lips back to expose ALL her budding teeth. She has 8 now! 

Also please notice her precious, flowery "Spring Has Sprung" outfit. We try to dress her appropriately for our activities!