Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Months Old!

WOW! How is it even possible that Conlee is 3 months old!?!? Sunday, August 23rd was the big day...I'm just a little late with my post! The time has flown, and we have enjoyed absolutely every second of it! Conlee is such a great baby and so much fun. I mean, naturally we're her parents so we think that, but it's true!  The whole 'cry it out' phase was definitely hard and traumatic, but she's been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks, and now we're smooth sailing. (Of course, Brent will kill me for jinxing things by saying that!) Our next two steps will be dropping our 10 pm feeding and going from 4 naps / day to 3 naps. I'm excited for the 3 nap phase because I'll have more fun awake time with her. Her favorite things to do these days are to hang out in her nap nanny and play with the butterfly balloon from her Aunt Ali, look at herself in the mirror and smile, listen to me read The Cat In The Hat and sit in her daddy's lap and coo and talk to him. (I swear she speaks to him in sentences...but only to him!)

Stay tuned for new pictures next week because we're headed to Austin for Conlee's 1st Lukarita! She's super excited to see her Gigi & Paps and Granddad & Ei! She's also going to meet lots of her "uncles", although Brent told me last night that Peter is NOT allowed to hold her! :) Plus she gets to meet more of her "aunts" too...O'Kelley & Sarah and sweet baby Tommy...and aunt Coco might fly in for a surprise appearance! Then we're off to Little Rock to stay with Nanny & Pops and she'll meet Aunt Whitney and Uncle Stephen, Great Granddad, Aunt Amy and all her cousins plus Deidra & Rowyn....whew! These are all BIG days, and we're loving every bit of it! 

Saturday with Daddy

Conlee had so much fun with her daddy on Saturday! I had the great pleasure of being there to document a day of "firsts"!

First time in her baby bjorn....she loved it!

First time wearing her cute monogrammed shoes...a gift from Audrey Frazier. Thank you!

First time riding in her stroller like a 'big girl' without her carseat. She absolutely LOVED this...she just kicked back and enjoyed all the extra room to squirm!

First time wearing her cute new outfit from Ben McCreery and his fiance, Ana. Thanks, guys! They're getting married Labor Day weekend in Colombia, and we're super sad to have to miss it.

moving in for a closer look at the flowers....

First time in her jumper. She loved it too, but I have to help her jump and bounce...she hasn't quite figured it out!

All in all, a great Saturday! She's sure happy to be home in her pj's and relaxing with her Daddy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Afternoon at La Costa

Dan and Jennifer Blum are in town from Houston with their two girls, Brooke & Lindsey. They invited the Hodges, Murphys, Fraziers and Buches to visit them at the La Costa pool for the afternoon. We had the best time...so many little girls!!!

Happy Hour with Mom & Dad

Here are a few from Saturday night sushi...yummy! 

Happy Birthday, Granddad!

Happy Birthday, Mark! Here at the Hodges house, we're not only celebrating Granddad's big day, but we're also gearing up for a season of grrrrrrreat Longhorn football! We can't wait! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Training for 2024

Brent has decided that Conlee is destined to be an Olympic swimmer...something about her long legs and super large hands! I did the math (so I probably got it wrong) but I think she could qualify for the 2024 games??? I figured if we want her to win gold, we better start training now. We went for our first swim this week...I don't know, but I think if she's going to start winning any races, she's first going to have to wake up! She's so funny, and she literally can sleep anywhere. Or, maybe it was her way too tight bathing suit cutting off her circulation and causing her to just pass out! Either way, we had a blast with Mia Murphy, Audrey Frazier and Piper Clark. Such a fun afternoon at the pool! Once Conlee got in the water she absolutely loved it. Audrey and Piper have about 6 months on Conlee and Mia, so they're a bit more active in the water. But Conlee and Mia will catch up in no time...and, now that we "need" another bathing suit, I have an excuse to go shopping! All in all, a perfect afternoon!

What a difference a year makes...

Every Sunday in the summer we try to have a picnic at the cove. This year we have added three little girls to our usual group! So crazy to think about this time last year...Audrey was well on her way, but Ali and I weren't even pregnant! We are so blessed to all have healthy and happy babies...and to all have had girls!!! SO FUN! :) 

and, thank you Granddad and Ei for Conlee's cute sail boat dress! It arrived just in time...I don't think it will be fitting over her tummy much longer!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Best Friends, Round 2: Conlee & Mia!

Do they know they're best friends? Probably not, but they'll figure it out soon enough!