Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Exciting Saturday Night

Conlee was super excited to have company at dinner last night. She is constantly trying to share her food and drinks with Reece. We've tried to explain that Reece can't drink out of her sippy cup and that she's not quite ready for chicken nuggets...Conlee just isn't getting it, so for now we're watching her like a hawk. I'm constantly finding goldfish and Cheerios in Reece's carseat and swing. I guess there are worse things than a big sister who shares!

I have been trying for weeks to get a picture with Reece smiling. She is always so serious in her pics, and I hate that I haven't captured her precious little smile. This was the best one yet, but it hardly does her dimples justice! Oh well, just an excuse to take more pictures!

She's such a little chunk! I love, love, love her chunky thighs and big belly. She's the epitome of fat and happy, and just like her sister, she's a huge fan of bath time!

2nd Generation Play Date

Introducing two of Reece's newest little buddies....Averly Calhoon and Sadie Clark! Averly is about 4 weeks old and she happily slept straight through this first play date! Sadie is a little over 4 months and check out her precious little smile! Averly's older brother is Addison and Sadie's older sister is Piper. Conlee has had many fun play dates with them, and now we're on to the second generation. Girls, girls, and more girls!

Reece, Averly & Sadie

The three little babies with their big sisters / brother. Conlee was not a fan of the camera this afternoon at all, but of course that never stops me!

Conlee & Reece, Addison & Averly, Piper & Sadie

Friday Photo Shoot

In case you were wondering....

these two sisters do not look alike! Same outfit, same chair and two VERY different little girls. The both sure are precious though!

Here is Conlee at 9 weeks

And Reece at 10.5 weeks...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

In honor of the new year...and the fact that Reece is about to outgrow this precious outfit...I decided to brave another photo shoot with the girls. The last few times I've forced them to sit for pictures, it's been traumatic for the whole family. This time it went surprisingly well. Of course there are no shots like the ones I imagined when I ordered these two matching know, with both girls smiling at the camera and at each other. What was I thinking?! I was clearly delusional. I've decided I need to redefine success around here. Successful photo shoots no longer consist of happy, smiling babies. Successful photo shoots are now defined by Conlee not killing Reece 'on accident' and for the next few years I guess, these so-called successful photo shoots will exist for the sole purpose of proving that the girls did have super cute matching outfits!

So, please scroll down to enjoy our very successful photo shoot!

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

And all Santa's cookies were gone! Where ever did they go?!?

She was SUPER unhappy to have them taken away!

As always, Daddy makes it better!

Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I think this year was the best yet for a few reasons...1st of all, we got to have Christmas at our house and be with Conlee & Reece as they woke up on Christmas morning. Secondy, Conlee was old enough to really enjoy everything and get so excited by each fun gift she opened. And, of course it was a wonderful Christmas because we added Reece into our family this year! We are so, so blessed!

Another reason we had such a wonderful Christmas is because Gigi & Paps came out from Austin to spend it with us! We had so much fun having them here...not only did the girls love spending time with them, but Brent and I loved all the yummy meals they cooked for us and all the 7am feedings they did with Reece! Here are a few pictures from our wonderful holiday!

Our living room on Christmas morning before the chaos began. Ginna brought her stockings all the way from Austin, and they were filled to the brim with such fun goodies!

Daddy & Reece waking Conlee up so we could go and see what Santa brought!

The basketball goal from Ginna & Luke was the first thing she spotted, and she was in heaven! We literally could not get her to focus on any other gifts for a good 20 minutes. We were all so impressed because she was such a natural. She knew exactly how to dunk the ball as soon as she spotted the goal! She's even got her Michael Jordan game face on...tongue out and all!

Conlee had been staring at this huge, mysterious red bag since it arrived from Mark & Ellie in early December. She absolutely could not wait to see what was inside!

A new pink tricycle!!! Thank you Granddad & EI!!!

Riding the tricycle is Conlee's favorite thing...even if she can't quite reach the pedals!

Daddy pre-coffee & Reece post-breakfast...quite the pair!

Gigi & Paps showing Conlee the new art easel they got her. It's a huge hit with Conlee, since all she wants to do is go outside!

A little later that day, she was a finger painting pro!

Like everyone else in the family, Conlee was addicted to the head massager we got in our stocking. She couldn't get enough of it, and I don't blame her!

All these new toys, and she's back to iPhone...unbelievable!

Gigi & Reece

Paps & Reece

Reece on her precious new tummy-time toy from Gigi & Paps

Our little family photo. Thanks so much for coming, Gigi & Paps! We had so much fun, and we miss you lots!

Early Christmas with Nanny & Pops!

Nanny and Pops came to visit for a few days to celebrate an early Christmas with us. We of course loved every second of having them here...even though it did not stop raining for one single second of their visit! By the end, they basically had to swim to the airport! But, fortunately for Conlee & Reece, Santa made an early visit too and brought Conlee this adorable new kitchen! She's absolutely in love with it, and just like her daddy, 'cooking' has become her new favorite thing to do! Santa was super generous with Reece too, and all her fun gifts have been put away until she's a bit older. I didn't want her new presents to quickly become overly-used by her big sister!

Nanny showing Conlee all around her new kitchen!

Conlee taste-testing her first meal...burgers, yummy!

Pops loved his Conlee's a masterpiece for sure! He was also a good sport since the frame for his artwork didn't arrive until the day he left and I had to ship it to him!

Ahhhh...relaxing on her new sleeping bag after a long day playing with her new dinosaurs. She's obsessed! Their names are Lewis and Gilbert, if you're wondering!

We didn't get out much because of the rain, but we did manage to get dressed long enough to take a few cute family photos!

Thanks for coming, Nanny & Pops! We're already ready for you to come back!!!