Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All By Myself...Don't Wanna Be All By Myself!

If you’ve seen the opening scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary, then you'll understand the title of this post and you’ve seen what things looked like at my house yesterday morning…minus the massive amounts of vodka and cigarettes (though both would have been welcome!). How is it that a 31 year old can be so terrified of a few hours alone with a 17 month old and a 2 week old?! It doesn’t help that Reece is suffering from a massive bout of thrush and Conlee has just learned how to say, “no! no! no!” Although, I think I could handle just the ‘no’ all day...the problem is she doesn’t know what ‘no’ means. She says it when she means yes, no and maybe, and that makes for a lot of confusion! Well, we survived to live another day, but let’s just say that all three of us cried a lot!

Today was much better, and I’m starting to think I can keep both of these girls after all! I took my first shower while leaving them alone in the house. As I stepped in, I just silently prayed, “dear God, please let them survive the next 15 minutes!” As I stepped out, waiting for the water to drain and things to get quiet enough to decipher any screaming…all I heard was deafening silence. Is Reece still asleep? Is she still alive?! As I peeked around the corner, what do you know…she’s silently sleeping in her swing and the only thing different from how I left her was the addition of every stuffed animal Conlee owns! Whew…things are looking up! J

Sweet Baby Reece

Here are a few of my favorites we snapped of Reece the other day. It's hard to remember to take time out for pictures...she's already changing and growing so fast! I want to capture all these sweet moments!

Conlee loves gymnastics

Every Wednesday we take Conlee to the rec center across the street for her gymnastics class. It's called Diaper Daredevils, and she loves it! It took her about three weeks to warm up to the teachers, equipment, etc. But now she's all over the place...she loves the balance beam and trampoline the best!

Life with 2 at 2 Weeks!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since Reece arrived! We are slowly getting acclimated to life with two girls. My parents were here until the 13th, and I was SO sad to see them go...so were Brent and Conlee! Our house has never been so clean or organized, and I doubt it will be again in the near future! Mom was so helpful with the girls, waking up with Conlee and Reece every morning so Brent and I could sleep a bit longer, helping us with Reece's feedings when we were trying to get her back up to her birth weight, doing all the laundry, cooking meals, making cookies, playing with Conlee non-stop...what will we do without her?! Well, here's a little look back at the last two weeks...

Conlee is warming up to the idea of me holding another baby. She's really becoming such a sweet and helpful big sister. I knew she would come around!

We went to the park to meet Ali and Mia. It's a whole different world getting two kids out of the house. I don't know what I'll do now that my mom is gone and I have to handle both of them by myself!

The first attempt at a photo shoot with both girls was a total failure! I wish you could see their cute "big / little sister" shirts a little better. We'll have to try this again in a few days!

Reece's 1st bath! Conlee was super interested and wanted to crawl in there with her! She kept trying to give Reece all her bath toys...it was really sweet!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Best Friends

I feel like every time I post pictures of these two, I am always saying they couldn't be any cuter...then we have another photo shoot, and what do you know?! They're even cuter! Conlee and Mia really are BFFs. Conlee gets so excited every time I tell her we're going to play with Mia. With all the transitions going on around here, we sure were excited when Matt, Ali and Mia came over for dinner the other night. Conlee felt some bit of normalcy being around her favorite family. Aunt Ali even got the girls these PRECIOUS matching outfits!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ambitious Outing

After being cooped up in the house for 4 days, we decided it was time for a trip to the zoo. How quickly I forgot all that it entails to get a 6 day old baby out of the house, let alone her 17 month old sister! I don't know if they make diaper bags big enough for all I had to carry! Pacifiers, burp cloths, 2 sizes of diapers, wipes, sippy cups, snack traps, bows, shoes, blankets, lovies, sweaters, camera...you name it, and I could have pulled it out of my bag of tricks! It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get ready, and I'm pretty sure we were at the zoo for less time than that! But, that's a benefit of being a zoo member...you don't feel guilty for short trips because you can go anytime you want to...not that I'll ever want to again! Ha!

The first trip with the girls in the new double BOB. I'm so thankful for a double stroller!

Nanny and Reece!

Reece in her zoo appropriate outfit...naturally!

Reece and I waited outside while Nanny, Brent and Conlee had a ball in the petting zoo.

Conlee loved petting all the goats, rabbits and other animals!

Waiting to board the Balboa Park train with Nanny...

Finishing mommy's ice cream cone and trying super hard not to fall asleep!

Reece is Finally Here!!!


October 31, 2010

1:07 pm / 7 lbs, 5 oz/ 18.5 inches

We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of Reece! We've been waiting for her for what feels like forever, and we couldn't be happier to have her in our arms! Brent and I headed to the hospital on Halloween morning at 7:00am. A short 4.5 hour labor and 3 pushes later, she was here. All are happy and healthy and are quickly adjusting to life at home as a little family of four! God is so good, and we are so thankful for our newest little blessing.

The look of a very happy girl who got a VERY effective epidural!

4.5 hours later, she was here!

Nanny & Pops and Gigi & Paps all came into town on the 30th so they could be here for the big day!

Reece meeting her Aunt Ali for the first time!

All fresh and clean after her 1st bath...

Nanny & Pops showing Conlee her new little sister as she was being bathed in the nursery. Conlee's big smile quickly turned to a BIG frown, complete with massive tears!

She's still unsure here, but she hasn't suffered a complete meltdown...yet!

And, the floodgates have opened...for both little girls! Conlee was less than thrilled that there was another person in my lap. She wouldn't even look at me, let alone sit next to me. I was so sad!

Our precious little pumpkin!

Daddy and baby girl #2!

So much for cute family photos of us leaving the hospital! The girls were all dressed, but there was no way Conlee would pose for a picture. I was hoping that she would be better on day 2...but no such luck. More of the same - massive tears and dirty looks. Surely this attitude won't last!??!

Reece in her going home outfit, complete with bonnet of course! She looks like something straight out of Little House on the Prairie! We opted to nix the bonnet and just wear our bow for the actual trip home!

All ready for her 1st trip to the doctor!

At home on day 1, Conlee's warming up a bit. She still won't look at Reece or acknowledge her presence, but she will press all the buttons on the swing until Reece is flying at full speed. Fortunately, Reece is a good sport and seems unfazed by her sister so far!

We're making definite progress! Conlee with a smile and Reece within arms reach...this may work out afterall!

Love this pic of Brent and Reece. Both exhuasted after a long day of doing a whole lot of nothing!